My name is Ophelia Thorne.

To my equals, I am Ophelia.

To you, I am Mistress Ophelia.


I am five feet and ten inches, 165 lbs with soft curves, long legs, black hair and bewitchingly green eyes. My skin is a healthy ivory, adorned with ink and piercings, if you’re lucky enough, I may one day show you the latter. That is only if you’ve been good enough for me. I prefer to wear corsets, skirts and heels, accentuating my delicious curves. My measurements are 34D-29-39 and completely natural.

 My mind is just as beautiful as my body, I am well educated in a number of things. I attended a year of massage school, so I know every tender pressure point in your body and how to manipulate it so that you squirm in pain or pleasure, depending on what mood I am in at the time and if you’ve behaved properly. As an avid reader, I am always looking to expand my knowledge in the subjects that intrigue me- arts, numerous sciences, old religion, new religion, martial arts, ancient civilizations, philosophy, nature, and the list goes on. As it may have become apparent to you, I am far more mature then I may seem at first glance, both in mind and in soul, I enjoy intelligent conversation and intelligent people, I have very little patience for belligerence, intolerance and closed minds. But I digress.

 I am no stranger to BDSM, it’s been an integral part of my life for some time now, so relax and enjoy my company, I will not judge you for your desires or your dirty, perverted fantasies, I am rather interested in hearing about them. Whether they involve a stern over the knee spanking for being a naughty boy, being deeply penetrated by one of my numerous toys, suspended, flogged, caned, treated like an animal, forced to cross dress or being made helpless to my every desire and whim, of which there are many.

 I am quite the sadist at heart, I enjoy teasing you and bringing you right to the brink of explosive release, and then denying you, watching you squirm and look up at me with those pleading eyes. I am not impossible to please, but please me you must, in order to deserve and receive what it is you truly desire.

If you are new to the world of BDSM, don’t let my nature dissuade you from exploring with me, allow me to introduce you to some of it’s more sensual qualities to warm you up, I am able to accommodate those with tastes that are in the more early stages of development and acknowledgment. Your safety, health and comfort, as well as my own are always my first and foremost priority; my toys are sanitized, my apparatuses are clean, my space organized, my nails are clean and manicured and my Safer Sex kit is always within easy reach. Cleanliness is after all, godliness.

 My range of interest in BDSM is wide and varied, giving me the ability to assist you in achieving your darkest fantasies and those taboo desires that you have yet to explore. Some of my specialties include:

-Cock and Ball Torture
-Corporal Punishment
-Suspension (Partial and Full)
-Objectification (Use of human furniture)
-Caning/Flogging/Over the Knee Spanking/Paddling
-Sense Play (Hot wax, Ice cubes, Texture, Needle Play etc etc)

I adore extended sessions with a myriad of these different forms of play, as well as others I haven’t listed. I am happy to devise a scene with you that leaves you spinning and speechless, with my breath hot on your neck, the sting of my implements upon your flesh, and the ragged gasp of  ‘Yes Mistress!’ the only sound that passes your lips. 


 I am open minded to many forms of play, but due to hygiene and health, I do not participate in golden showers and scat. Nor do I provide oral or full service.